MaOs organizes its services in four main blocks, all of which can compose a project in itself, or be part of a larger project:

Research and intervention

We design and develop projects in the cultural, social and heritage areas. Our proposals are based on prior research allowing us to tailor each intervention to a specific context and thus optimize the results based on the detected needs. [+ info]

Territorial revitalization

We work to foster innovation and local development. We carry out projects by applying innovative ideas which meet social objectives that affect the greatest number of people positively, from an environmental and local perspective. Consistent with this area, we encourage the creation and management of networks, programs and spaces for collaboration between people, companies and organizations in various fields. [+ info]

Communication and content production

We coordinate, design and disseminate teaching materials, exhibitions and publications. As part of our commitment to the Galician language, we contribute to the dissemination of content not available yet in Galician through a translation service. Communication is, in itself, one of our services and we manage the communication area for our own projects and for projects of other public or private entities. [+ info]

Training and advice

We develop specialized courses, studies and plans related to culture, society and heritage. [+ info]