Ride, reading and concert in tribute to Manuel Maria in Galician Literature Day

cartaz5The May 17 we organized a ride, a reading and a concert in tribute to Manuel Maria by Galician Literature Day 2016 for the Municipality of Santiago.

The tribute focused on the relationship of the author with Santiago through his book “Poems to Compostela.”

The walk started at 17pm in the Praza do Obradoiro, underneath the arches of the Pazo de Raxoy, with a presentation by Councillor Branca Novoneyra in which she addressed aspects of the life of Manuel Maria that relate to Compostela. It was from that moment that people from Compostela associated with culture and from audience recited 14 poems from “Poems to Compostela”, a book written by the author in 1952. The recitation was divided into three areas related directly or indirectly with the work: the Praza do Obradoiro, the Praza da Quintana and the Praza de San Martiño Pinario. The event ended at 18h with a brief concert by Garcia MC based on works by Galician poets, among which was a poem by Manuel Maria, “Home”.

Comba Campoy guided the event, with the special collaboration of Lara Rozados, Manuel Portas, Laureano Araúxo, Olalla Cociña, Rosalía Fernandez Rial, Montse Dopico and Miro Villar, plus all the people who came voluntarily to recite and walk.