MaOs Innovación Social, S. Coop. Galega is composed of a team of three friends: María, Xiana e Óscar.

  • María is a philologist with a professional interest in heritage and anthropology.
    • Access her Linkedin profile | Send an email to María or phone her (693803151).
  • Xiana is a restless and all-purpose journalist.
    • Access her Linkedin profile | Send an email to Xiana or phone her (694401505).
  • Óscar is multiplatform and multimodal, as is his degree in Social Sciences.
    • Access his Linkedin profile | Send an email to Óscar or phone him (694474166).

Our working team and our services are combined with the ones offered by the entities and people associated to Granxa de Servizos, thereby giving greater coverage, versatility and guarantee of professionalism to our proposals.