Throughout 2013 and 2014 we’ve developed the project RuralActivo jointly with the company Feitoría Verde, S.Coop.Gal. Sponsored by the Concello de Pontevedra, RuralActivo was a program for socioeconomic invigoration of the parishes of Santa María de Xeve, Santo André de Xeve e Verducido. It was primarily aimed at women and youth.

The aim was to involve these sectors of population in the creation of work alternatives which involved the use, care and respect of the heritage of the area.

The proposed objectives were:
– Promoting social cohesion.
– Promoting the establishment of alternative economic models by taking advantage of the natural and cultural heritage of the parishes.

A participatory process was held, through open gatherings in the neighborhood, whose results were compiled in a report (PDF) and continued with a series of course, visits and initiatives based on the needs identified in the faladoiros (open social gatherings).

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