MaOs Magazine

When MaOs became a cooperative in March 2014 we knew that we had ahead of us a long path of changes and adaptations: new documents, new ways of working and organization, management models, accounting… At the same time, we needed to continue developing our projects and seek new ones. It was not an easy task and it required great efforts both personally and professionally. In this intense journey we were not alone, and from here we want to thank the presence and confidence of: Feitoria Verde S.Coop.Galega, EnComún S.Coop.Galega, Miguel Durán – designer of MaOs logo and of this magazine -, José Ramom Pichel, Fran Ameixeiras , Comba Campoy, Miguel Pardellas and, of course, the people who are with us from day after day.

In December 2014 we published the first issue of this magazine, a publication which, like us, was taking shape as we were working on it. Our first idea was to publish our blog articles adapted to paper format. However, among debates, we were creating a new “cooperative” and from this process came MaOs Magazine. Our goal with this publication is get to become known as a cooperative and to give examples of people, projects and initiatives that we think deserve a very visible place in our society. We would like to know each other better and, by as many means as we possible, come together.

The magazine has a printed version (which includes a map of local and organic markets), an epub version (can be downloaded here) and you can also see it online: