History of women in Arzúa

Since the end of 2014, MaOs is developing a project for the safeguarding of women’s history for the Arzúa City Council, through the collection of photographic and oral memory.


This proposal seeks to promote the recovery and preservation of the memory of women, and has the following objectives:

  • Visualize and show the role of working women.
  • Preserve women’s oral and photographic memory.
  • Invigorate women’s memory while enhancing the importance of their experiences when building history and local memory.
  • Favor positive self-perception among older women in the municipality.
  • Provide women spaces for leisure and swap while contributing to give value to their contributions to the community.

Video realized for the “Homage to women cheesemakers” act, included in the program of the 40th Cheese Festival in Arzúa:

Homenaxe ás queixeiras from MaOs Innovación Social on Vimeo.

Description of the act “Homage to women cheesemakers” in the programming of the 40th Cheese Festival: