Come Ourense Fair

MaOs managed from March to June 2015 the Come Ourense Fair, created by the Ourense City Council through its initiative Come Ourense, with the aim of promoting local food products, both fresh and processed. The fair was on a monthly basis and itinerant: every month was hold in a different space from the county.

The first fair took place in Praza Maior the March 28 from 10 to 14, the second in Ponte Romana the April 25, the third in Rúa Salvador Dalí the May 23 and the fourth in Praza Maior the June 6.

To reinforce the local character of the fairs, when dealing with requests for stands, we’ve established two basic criteria. The first sorts by priority the requests according to the origin of the applicants: 1) persons or companies from the Ourense City Council, 2) from the province, 3) from outside the province. And the second sorts the requests according to the type of sale: 1) direct sales (in this case, who sell at least 60% of its own products), 2) resale or other. The mission of these criteria is to facilitate participation in the fair of local people or companies. Extended rules of participation and membership:

Come Ourense Fair was an initiative of the project Comer Ourense for the promotion of local food sustainability of the city of Ourense in URBACT project “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities”. Ourense is since 2012 part of an European network along with Brussels, Athens, Oslo, Gothenburg, Lyon, Bristol, Messina, Amersfoot and Vaslui.

Photos of the first fair (March 28th, Praza Maior)

Photos of the second fair (April 25th, Ponte Romana)

Photos of the third fair (May 23th, Rúa Salvador Dalí)

Photos of the fourth fair (June 6th, Praza Maior)