Exhibition on the Irmandades da Fala

ifOn May 18, 2016 opened in the streets of Compostela an exhibition, created by MaOs Innovación Social for the Municipality of Santiago, on the Irmandades da Fala on the occasion of its centenary. In this same day of 1916 was constituted in Coruña the first Irmandade de Amigos da Fala de Galicia. Shortly thereafter, on May 28, born the Irmandade da Fala of Compostela.

The exhibition was located in four kiosks, which were located in Alameda, Praza de Vigo, Xoán XXIII and in the street Bernardo Barreiro de Vázquez Varela, in the district of Sar. This diversity of points of information sought to facilitate the approach of the greatest possible number of people to the exhibition.

This exhibition is intended to contribute to the dissemination of the work carried out by those people who joined the Irmandades da Fala and publicize the importance they had at the time they emerge and also today, as heirs and inheritors of his legacy. Its design combined brief explanatory texts with images and  addressed topics as the origin and context, the political and cultural ideology, the steps that characterize the most important people, the presence of women, the importance of its newspaper (A Nosa Terra) in relation to emigration or his legacy, among other issues.

Photos from the opening of the exhibition (18/05/2016):