General Conditions

MaOs Innovación Social, S.Coop.Galega (hereinafter MaOs), with registered office in Rúa Fonte dos Concheiros 2C, baixo, 15703, Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), CIF F70407549, provides Internet services under the name MaOs.gal through the home page located at URL: http://www.maos.gal, as well as in different domains also owned by MaOs and that complement the services offered by the site and collected under the General Conditions:

FIRST.- The use of MaOs.gal as well as of the different services offered by the different addresses that conforming the site are free of charge, notwithstanding that this circumstance could vary according to the Ninth clause of these terms and conditions or the general conditions of use which regulate any particular services offered by MaOs.gal.

SECOND.- By the mere fact of using MaOs.gal or any of the various electronic pages included in the site, the user expresses unreserved acceptance of these general conditions.

THIRD.- The user is obliged not to use MaOs.gal or the services offered within the site to carry out activities contrary to the laws and generally to make use of it under these general conditions. The user is obliged to not make advertising activities or commercial exploitation and not tuck messages using a false identity, and not to hide in any way the origin of the message.

FOURTH.- MaOs.gal acts exclusively as a service provider of communication between the parties, not becoming responsible for the content contrary to general conditions that may be sent  by the parties, being the user the only responsible for the veracity and legality of the same . In a special way, prohibits the use of the services for the dissemination of advertising material or insulting to MaOs.gal.

FIFTH.- The user agrees to abide by the restrictions on use of MaOs.gal and of the services making up MaOs.gal as established by MaOs.gal at all times.

SIXTH.- MaOs.gal is not responsible in any way of the errors that occur in communications, including deletion, incomplete transmission or delays in referral and it is not responsible either for the transmission network operational at all times. MaOs.gal is not responsible in the event that a third party, breaking the security measures established by MaOs.gal, gets access or uses messages for the distribution of computer viruses.

MaOs.gal take all safety measures required by law for the protection of personal data provided by the user. However, MaOs.gal can not guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems nor guarantee the safety or invulnerability of such data when transmitted over the network.

MaOs.gal does not guarantee the legality, reliability and usefulness of the content that users transmit using of MaOs.gal nor its veracity or accuracy. MaOs.gal controls not the use made of MaOs.gal by its users, nor guarantee that they do so in accordance with the general conditions.

MaOs.gal controls not nor guarantee the absence of computer viruses in the services provided by third parties that may cause alterations in the computer system (software / hardware).

The devices linking to web pages made available to users are only to facilitate them to the research of information available on the Internet. MaOs.gal does not assume in any case the responsibility that may arise for access to electronic pages linked to MaOs.gal.

SEVENTH.- MaOs.gal may discontinue service to a web user and resolve immediately the relationship if it detects a use of MaOs.gal or of any services offered by it that could be considered contrary to general conditions.

EIGHTH.- MaOs.gal at any time can modify these Terms or introduce new conditions of use of MaOs.gal and / or of its services, including the cessation of gratuity. The above changes shall only apply from the time of its entry into force.

NINTH.- The parties expressly waive his own forum and accept the Spanish legislation as governing law of this contract, and are subject to resolution of any disputes that could arise thereof to the Courts of Justice.

The MaOs contact address is maos [at] maos.gal and MaOs.gal contact address is info [at] maos.gal


About cookies

Cookies are pieces of code sent by a website, in this case MaOs.gal, to the user’s browser, which allow improving the browsing experience a given site recalling certain usage data.

MaOs.gal uses cookies to:

  1. Show a preview of the web adapted to different media and screen types (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  2. Analyze traffic (count visits, see the origin, type of browser and operating system used).
  3. Manage processes for the proper functioning of the website.

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